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We realized soon after the release of NCIDC EAP that we had created something that was going to quickly outgrow its humble beginnings. Created in July of 2018, this advancement program garnered immense support throughout the fleet and became one of the most utilized advancement exam resources currently available to Hospital Corpsmen. To date, NCIDC EAP has been accessed by over 9,100 users in 45 countries throughout the globe.


With the expansion of committee members spanning the country, it was only natural to “rebrand” to something more synonymous with our community. Hospital Corpsman University (HMU) was born.


HMU is a collaboration of resources for Sailors by Sailors. The intent was to create a community that shares, embraces, and promotes any and all training opportunities. Advancement Exam preparedness will still remain at the core focus at HMU. However, we would be remiss to pass up an opportunity to expand and offer the multitude of training resources currently available to our Sailors.


The Sailors currently working on this program are some of the brightest and dedicated Sailors I have ever had the privilege of serving with. I commend their passion and am forever grateful for their sacrifice of personal time working spent dedicated to this program. I’d also like to thank the committed users to our program, as well as the leaders that make it their point to ensure their Sailors know of the resources available to them. Although our community is currently experiencing a lull in examination advancements, there are still thousands of Sailors diligently preparing for their exams. Now get studying!


- HMCS  Justin  Reiter

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